“We didn’t know.” “We missed it.” “It was a mistake.”

When failure strikes, excuses are subject to be raised, but, looking around from the source, almost always there is someone that did not take a corrective action. The biggest question would be how important is integrity? The answer is extremely! Three factors make for a good leader; competence, commitment and integrity which ranks first, otherwise, you have the first two working against you.

Integrity needs to be defined, recruited for, and enforced. Avoiding conflicts of interest, consistency between what is said and done, ethical conduct and trustworthiness are key ingredients to integrity. Integrity in Albert Einstein’s world is associated with truth, trust and ability to get the task at hand done effectively, efficiently and timely; and I quote one of his statement that “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” and so to say, a leader can go an extra mile when observing competence, commitment and integrity.